Help Protect our Ocean from Offshore Drilling

As Americans, we all share certain values—clean air, clean water and conserving our precious coastlines and ocean.  

But, just last week the Trump administration’s Interior Department announced it was forging ahead with a plan that could allow drilling off all of our coasts. This plan goes against what we want for the future of our country and for future generations of Americans. Opening up more of our coasts to offshore drilling is dangerous and short-sighted.

The Trump administration is deciding whether to allow new oil and gas drilling off coastlines all around the United States, including:

  • the Atlantic Coast from Maine to Florida;
  • the Gulf Coast, including off the coast of Florida,
  • the Pacific coasts of California, Oregon and Washington; and
  • waters off the coast of Alaska, including the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean.
  • Even designated marine sanctuaries are at risk.

We can’t allow this plan to go forward!

We were able to get strong protections in place under President Obama because thousands and thousands of Americans spoke up, took action and let their voices be heard. We need you to do that again, now.

We have a new President and a new Administration—they need to hear that Americans are not willing to stand by and let more of our coasts be opened up to risky offshore drilling. It is dangerous and short-sighted.

An accident could lead to a massive oil spill that could cause severe impacts to the economies of coastal communities; close commercial and recreational fisheries; mar beaches and shorelines; and injure or kill birds, fish and marine mammals. Impacts from oil spills can last for decades.

But, YOU can help stop new oil and gas leasing by taking action now. Tell the Secretary of the Interior not to open new areas of the ocean to risky offshore drilling.

What happens next depends on all of us. We need a wave of support for protecting our ocean and coasts from offshore drilling. Will you be a part of it?

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