Happy 227th Birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard

Today, we celebrate the extraordinary service of the United States Coast Guard as it marks 227 years of protecting the safety, security and environment of over 100,000 miles of U.S. coastline and waterways. They not only safeguard the largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the world, they are also on the frontlines in the event of natural or man-made disasters out on the water. Ocean Conservancy joins the nation in celebrating your devotion to duty with honor and respect. Thank you.


“From saving lives during hurricanes to coordinating the response efforts during the BP oil disaster, the U.S. Coast Guard jumps into action at the most critical times. Their work is not for the faint of heart and requires a passionate resolve to do what it takes to bring order to chaos. The Gulf of Mexico region is no stranger to both natural and man-made disasters but we are thankful to have the USCG as our eyes and ears both in the air and at sea to respond when these disasters hit. They are indeed ‘Always Ready.’”

Kara Lankford
Director, Gulf Restoration Program

“We Alaskans spend a lot of time on the water—for work, for play, and for sustenance. When we find ourselves in trouble, the Coast Guard is there to help. Like so many other Alaskans, I’m grateful that they are there to rescue mariners in some of the worst sea conditions imaginable and to help protect Alaska’s amazing fisheries and marine wildlife from threats like oil spills and pollution. As the Arctic continues to open up, the USCG is doing a great job of expanding protections to these sensitive northern seas, and I hope they’ll continue to chart a course that keeps these waters safe for the people and critters who depend on them.”

Andrew Hartsig
Director, Arctic Program

“The Coast Guard is at the heart of keeping the lights on, the workers warm and fed, and the science going at the U.S. Antarctic research stations. Without the USCG ice breaker Polar Star keeping shipping lanes open to McMurdo Station and bringing millions of gallons of fuel to supply the research stations every year, it would have taken longer for us to detect the startling effect that ocean acidification has on ocean life. Their support is critical for us to understand how the ocean is absorbing increasing carbon emissions, and what that does to ocean life. P.S. They’re in need of new vessels and currently there are 6 new ice breakers in the planning stages (but which need funding). Wouldn’t that be a nice birthday present?”

Sarah Cooley
Director, Ocean Acidification Program

“A lot of work we do with ocean planning involves working with the maritime industry and the Coast Guard. Ocean planning aligns with the core of so many Coast Guard missions. I’m always struck by how thoughtful and helpful the Coast Guard is to people making a living and working on the water. They are responsible for so much – from national security and defense readiness to making sure ships and fishing vessels can safely navigate waters. That’s a lot! Happy birthday and thank you for the hard work you do for us all. ”

Anne Merwin
Director, Ocean Planning Program

“The Coast Guard works hard every day to ensure that our ocean fisheries are sustainable and our fishermen are safe. Whether intercepting Lanchas that poach red snapper on the US-Mexico border or rescuing Alaskan fishermen from treacherous seas in the North Pacific, we are proud of the tremendous efforts our Coasties dedicate toward protecting our natural resources and our lives.”

Meredith Moore
Director, Fish Conservation Program
Nick Mallos

“The U.S. Coast Guard has been a tremendous partner of the Trash Free Seas® Program for more than two decades. Working extensively through our Good Mate Program, the Coast Guard Auxiliary has and continues to serve as some of our best clean/green boating ambassadors helping educate and engage boaters of all ages about safe and sustainable practices on and off the water.”

Nicholas Mallos
Director, Trash Free Seas® Program
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