These Ocean Animals are Causing a Serious Cute Emergency

Say goodbye to your bad day, because these cuteness levels are OUT of CONTROL

Maybe you slept past your alarm this morning, and your day is thrown off because now you’re running late to everything. Perhaps you haven’t gotten enough sleep so far this week because of a huge project at work or school, a kid kept you up late, or because thoughts about the tenacity of our ocean and its future on a global scale keep you wide awake at night. Or maybe you’re just not feeling it today.

Are you sad? Frustrated? Stressed? Or, just ‘off’ for whatever reason? Fret not, ocean lover—we are here to help.

Based on the viral Instagram and Twitter sensation We Rate Dogs, we’ve taken to a rating system of our own at Ocean Conservancy. Today, we have for you a rundown of the absolute most adorable ocean critters we could find on the internet. And let me assure you, once you’re done reading this, that bad day will be no more.

Let’s begin with the ratings, shell we?

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This squid, who is very very proud of itself for finally getting up the courage to break out into the real world.

12/10 would say they are definitely proud of this teeny cephalopod and would congratulate immediately.


This baby turtle, who was not planning on getting dressed up as a bubble bath for Halloween.

Says she just wasn’t ready when the wave came up to her to share its sea-sons greetings.

17/10 would reassure her that she will be home and in her regular turtle outfit in no time, guaranteed.

Source: GIPHY

This miraculously miniature octopus tot, who knows you are probably wondering if he is waving at you.

He would like you to know that he is indeed waving, and would much appreciate a wave back.

14/10, please don’t be rude and be sure to wave back enthusiastically with both hands.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This sleepy snowy plover who honestly was not ready to get up and start the day yet.

Says she didn’t get much sleep last night and needs a bit longer to be the cute little seabird that she is.

18/10, don’t be a monster and just give her 5 more minutes.

Source: GIPHY

This sprightly seabird of the penguin family, who was recently asked if her hips truly don’t lie.

She was flabbergasted that you would ask such a question.

13/10. We understand completely and will dance right along with her.

Daisy Gilardini 2

This Laysan albatross, who finds you to be a pretty funny looking seabird, to be honest.

He’s not trying to be rude, he just says you are a seaside spectacle that should be studied carefully.

14/10, because the phrase is ‘staring is caring’…right?

Source: GIPHY

These polar bear siblings, who did not realize the tree was put there by nature for decoration.

They said it tasted pretty bad but thought it made a great toy, promised to put it back when they are done.

15/10 would forgive immediately and get them a new one.

Source: GIPHY

This harbor seal, who is so flippin’ proud that his friend finally made it onto the ledge.

She says this is an amazing accomplishment and all the back pats in the world are deserved.

15/10. Probably the best pinniped partners around.


This itsy bitsy penguin chick, who um…is not having it with her parents right now.

Wishes they would take their PDA somewhere else, as they are causing her much embarrassment.

Her friends are RIGHT there, Momma Penguin!

16/10…just cover your eyes friend!

Source: GIPHY

This baby harp seal, who doesn’t know how many times she has to tell you…

She does NOT want to go out on the town tonight.

It is a weekday, Sharon. She just wants to stay in and watch Finding Nemo with plenty of fish snacks.

14/10 just leave her to relax in peace, ma’am.

Source: GIPHY

This super stoked seagull, whose feet are a tippy-tappin’ because she is very very excited for her next snack.

Actually, she just corrected us and said she is like this all the time because she is always excited for a snack.

13/10 because ‘same, gull-friend.’

Source: GIPHY

This curious little dude who can’t quite figure out what he’s looking at, but not a worry.

He will figure it out one day, he says. 18/10, totally relatable.

Many of us feel exactly this way when doing a math problem. Or trying to figure out our taxes.

So don’t feel bad, little guy.


Oh no! We’re not sure why a wrinkly sea pebble made it on the list.

We’re only supposed to be rating ocean animals…OH WAIT.

Okay, 17/10.

Those rolls give you character little pinniped friend, you are perfect just the way you are so don’t EVER change.

Source: GIPHY

This little slice of ocean ravioli, who does a daily dance simply because he knows how cute a species he is.

14/10 would take extra caution at the beach,

and do the stingray shuffle so as to not accidentally step on his or her friends.  

800 down

And finally, this painfully adorable little octopus baby.

Isn’t even that old yet, but she simply cannot wait one more second to be a big sister.

19/10 because family first, gang!

And there you have it.

If these little bits of insane cuteness don’t absolutely turn your day right around, we’re not sure what will.

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