Celebrating Two New Ocean Animal Emojis

Get the most out of the new seal and polar bear emojis coming in 2020

Last week the Unicode Consortium announced the new emojis coming straight to our phones in 2020. While there are plenty to be excited about like a tea pot for all that tea your spilling and a colorful piñata for times of celebration, we’re excited about the two new ocean animal emojis! Last year we were gifted an otter-ly adorable otter emoji and one dedicated to our favorite filter feeders—the oyster. This year we’re excited to see the seal and polar bear added to the list.

Once these cute new emojis roll out, we plan to be using them A LOT! In preparation for their arrival here are some facts and tips to get the most out of these new emojis.



Seals are the stars of the ocean world. Their adorable faces and charismatic personalities will send nearly everyone into a cuteness overload. The layers of fat and dense fur, not only add to their overall lovable look, but also help keep them warm.

Mother's kiss

How can you use the seal emoji? We’ve got a couple ideas:

  • When you want to seal the deal
  • To give your seal of approval
  • When you’re just being seal-y
  • All those times you find yourself talking about “Kiss by the Rose” by the artist, Seal


Polar Bear


Polar bears are delightful! Whenever I’m feeling down, I’ll boost my mood by looking at photos of polar bears playing in the snow. Those romps through the snow actually serve an important purpose. Rolling in the ice and snow help polar bears clean their fur and keep it at peak fluffiness. While their fur looks white, it’s actually transparent. It reflects light (just like the ice it lives on) which gives them their signature white or yellow appearance.


How do you insert this adorable polar bear emoji into every conversation? Here are some suggestions:

  • If winter is getting un-bear-able for you
  • When you’re bear-y cold
  • If you’re feeling ice-o-lated
  • When you realize you and your friend are polar opposites

We’re delighted to have two new ocean animal emojis to use in our day-to-day conversations. We can’t wait to see them roll out later this year.

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