5 Lessons About Love From Marine Wildlife

Learn a few pearls of wisdom from these lovable species this February

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, there are a few things that come to mind: roses, love letters, boxes of chocolates and sweet treats galore … the list goes on and on. When it comes down to what this holiday is really all about though—love—there are many life lessons that can be learned in the most unexpected of places. One of those places? Our ocean, of course! Dive in and get a dose of adorable inspiration from these photos of a few of our ocean’s beyond loveable species, then be sure to send one of our complimentary Valentine’s Day e-Cards to the people who mean the most to you before February 14 arrives.

Throughout our lives, it may sometimes feel like it’s hard to keep up with the unpredictable waves and changing currents of life. But no matter where the current takes you, just remember: what really matters most is who’s by your side for the journey.

Species: Bottlenose dolphin

When it comes to commitment, you shouldn’t feel in a hurry to settle down … but at some point, when you finally meet the right person, you’ll not only know it’s time to quit clowning around—you’ll also feel way less hesitation!

Species: Clownfish

Clownfish valentine

When frustrations arise in relationships, it may feel easy to blame our partners or insist that we’re 100% right and they’re 100% in the wrong. Sometimes, though, compromise and open communication can be key to moving forward … and what better way to boost a mood and reconcile than with dancing your tail feathers off together?

Species: Blue-footed booby

Blue footed boobies

Among the ebbs and flows of our everyday lives, it can become easy to take our partners or loved ones for granted. Whether our current focus is on keeping up with our jobs, raising little ones or simply making sure our finances stay in order, we must remember that the people we love are there for us and deserve our time attention. Don’t be seal-y: show your love to them whenever you can, and remember how much they mean to you … not to mention how much you mean to them!

Species: Northern fur seal

Fur Seal

Still haven’t found your valentine yet? Don’t be crabby, ocean lover: oftentimes, the right person comes right along when we’re focused on bettering ourselves and aren’t out there searching for a partner. So, pick that chin up, make a list of things (or corals, if you’re this little one below) that make you happy and goals you want to achieve, and who knows … one day, you may look up and say “pinch me, I’m dreaming” because that person finally came along when you least expected it!

Species: Soft coral crab

soft coral crab jim van goh

Now that you’ve got some sea-riously solid Valentine’s Day wisdom in your back pocket, head on over to our e-Card page and show the people who mean the most to you just how much you care about them this season. Whether you want to put a smile on your best friend’s face, show your partner how much you love them or remind a family member how much you care, these ocean-themed digital notes are the perfect way to brighten up anyone’s day with a dose of joy this February.

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