4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Jellyfish When Times Get Hard

Sail through life with these sea jelly tips

These past few months have been a roller-coaster of ups and downs, not only for our ocean but for daily life. As we finish out the last of the cold days of winter, it’s important to stay positive for the spring ahead. That’s why I’ve taken a note out of one of my favorite creature’s book: the sea jelly, better known as jellyfish (and no, they are not actually fish).

Jellyfish are pros at riding those waves of change that can cause you to stumble, face-first into the sand. But when you think like a jellyfish, life’s roadblocks can feel like a fresh sea breeze. Not convinced? Here are some sweet jelly facts that may help you think otherwise:

1. Jellyfish are 95% water and lack a brain, heart, bones and respiratory system.

No brain, no heart, no problem! Sea jellies only possess a basic network of neurons to sense their environment, and yet they have been surviving and thriving for more than 500 million years! This also means they don’t get caught up in all the drama and emotions that us humans wrap ourselves in—and we like to think they are much happier for it!

2. Jellyfish have unlocked the key to immortality.

Although the life span of jellies varies among species, there’s one special jellyfish that can reverse their aging process: Turritopsis dohrnii. When the jelly is old, sick or facing danger, they are able to reprogram the identity of its cells to become a younger version of itself … if only we could learn their secret and get rid of those stress-lines that have popped up this past year.

Immortal Jellyfish

3. Some species of jellyfish can glow in the dark.

Some jellyfish have bioluminescent organs which enable them to emit light. This is believed to be primarily used as a defense mechanism to distract predators, but can be used to attract prey or for intraspecific communication. In uncertain times, when you and those around you are feeling down, always try to remember that you have your own light shining inside of you!

4. Jellyfish are highly adaptable.

In fact, jellyfish are on the front lines of tackling the effects of climate change. While many species are suffering due to these impacts, jellyfish are thriving in warmer temperatures, increased salinity and increased acidic waters. And since their natural predators, like sea turtles, fish and sharks, struggle in these changing environments, their numbers will only continue to grow.

Millions of jellyfish, Mastigias papua etpisonii, fill a unique marine lake in Palau. There are five marine lakes, that each have their own endemic jellyfish, scattered throughout Palau.

So, if you’re like me and are looking for some inspiration to get you through this year, I would encourage you to channel your inner jellyfish and to stay sane, stay young and start thriving.

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