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10 Ink-credible Octopus Photos

These octopus photos are guaranteed to brighten your day

© Mike Bartick/ Ocean Image Bank

October 8 is World Octopus Day, which is the perfect excuse to appreciate these unbelievable cephalopods.

To be fair, if you know us, you know we don’t need a reason to celebrate octopuses. You can make every day World Octopus Day by learning more about octopuses on our blog, with posts including:

For now, here are 10 fantastic photos of octopuses. Enjoy!

Purple octopus on sea floor
© Grant Thomas/ Ocean Image Bank

White octopus on sea floor
© Nick Hobgood

Octopus tentacles
© Joe Parks

Multicolored octopus
© Rickard Zerpe

A baby octopus moves across the seafloor as ROV Deep Discoverer explores Veatch Canyon.

Octopus swims in deep ocean

Spotted Octopus in ocean
© Rickard Zerpe

Light blue octopus along sea floor

Octopus on sea floor
© Daniel Kwok

On World Octopus Day, help keep our ocean trash-free by telling Congress to support legislation that cuts down on ocean plastics.

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