First Wave of Ocean Justice Community Grants

Ocean Conservancy levels up its commitment to equity and justice

Ocean Conservancy’s Ocean Justice team proudly announces the launch of its Ocean Justice Community Grants (OJCG). OJCG is one manifestation of our commitment to equity and ocean justice, which we define as the fair and equitable distribution of both the benefits of the ocean’s bounty and the burdens of its complex care. Because global ocean inequalities take shape in a myriad of ways, our work as an ocean advocacy organization must be thoughtful, agile, intentional and oriented toward our mission: a healthier ocean, protected by a more just world.

Climate change and ocean injustice present dual crises that disproportionately impact marginalized coastal and ocean communities. These crises cannot be solved without simultaneously addressing the systemic social and economic inequalities that make those impacts disproportionate, including a lack of available funding to help support local ocean advocates in their fight. The Ocean Justice Community Grants are Ocean Conservancy’s contribution to righting this wrong by applying resources that amplify and uplift the work of historically marginalized ocean advocates.

We are committing these resources to spotlight and amplify the excellent conservation work being led by underrepresented, marginalized and/or frontline community members; to connect these grantees to Ocean Conservancy’s network (as well as to each other); and to cultivate a space for empowerment and expertise-sharing among grantees, as well as for the creation of authentic partnerships as we all work together to seek innovative solutions to climate and ocean challenges at the local level.

With these grants, we are looking to support and uplift the ongoing work of diverse ocean advocates, coastal community groups by funding projects that advance our ocean justice mission in at least one of the following ways:

  • Strengthening coastal communities
  • Promoting sustainable fishing and traditional Indigenous practices
  • Protecting communities’ connections to the ocean
  • Advancing ocean innovations
  • Developing new ocean leaders

How to Apply
Would you or someone you know benefit from an Ocean Justice Community Grant?

If you are interested, take a look at the Ocean Justice Community Grants Overview before applying. Please contact Mikayla Spencer, Manager of Equitable Ocean Communities with any questions.

Apply for a Grant

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