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Confronting Climate Change

Taking the ocean into account is critical for successfully addressing climate change, and addressing climate change is critical for the future of the ocean

The Maritime Fleet of the USA

The Current Status and Potential Future

In order to meet the targets set by the Paris Agreement and declarations by the current United States administration, an increase in energy efficiency and an urgent shifting towards scalable zero emission fuels is required. The United States fleet is an example of a shipping fleet that has vast untapped potential for becoming a leader in the decarbonisation of shipping. 

This report takes a data-centric approach, combined with a rich understanding of the transition pathway this sector is currently on, to identify:

  • Why this is now a key moment in time for the US to act decisively on decarbonising US shipping
  • How the US fleet can be decarbonised
  • Where, around the US, the scale of opportunity lies, and what this implies for action and next steps.

Read the full report here. 

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