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Confronting Climate Change

Taking the ocean into account is critical for successfully addressing climate change, and addressing climate change is critical for the future of the ocean

Zero-Carbon for Shipping in North America

Sailing carbon-free along North America’s west coast

Zero-carbon fuels have an important role to play in transitioning the shipping industry to a zero-carbon and emission free future. A new report commissioned by Ocean Conservancy explores the potential opportunity for five major ports on the west coast of North America, of adopting zero-carbon electrofuels: green hydrogen and ammonia produced with renewable power with no associated emissions from their production. With the right investments, each port is well-primed to stimulate the adoption of future fuels for the maritime industry.

Authors: Carpenter-Lomax, O., Wilkinson, G., Martinez, V., and Georgiev, M.
Citation: Carpenter-Lomax, O., Wilkinson, G., Martinez, V. and Georgiev, M, ‘Zero-Carbon for Shipping; Sailing carbon-free along North America’s west coast’, Ocean Conservancy, Washington D.C., 2021
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Shipping Emissions Infographics

Help spread the word on how shipping emissions impacts you and the environment, and what you can do to stop dirty maritime shipping.

Download and share these graphics by clicking on the image thumbnails.

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