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MEDIA ADVISORY: IMO to Discuss Shipping’s Emissions and Marine Impacts

Ocean Conservancy experts available for comment.

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Container ship in the sea at winter time
Aerial view of container ship in the sea at winter time © GreenOak/Adobe Stock

WHAT: The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will meet under the aegis of its Marine Environmental Protection Committee to discuss the shipping industry’s greenhouse gas emissions and short and mid-term mitigation measures, scrubber exhaust systems, the heavy fuel oil ban in the Arctic, black carbon in the Arctic, ship noise pollution and more.

WHEN: June 10-17, 2021

WHY: The shipping industry is a vital part of national and global economies but its greenhouse gas emissions are on par with Germany or Japan. Its continued reliance on heavy fuel oil continues to pollute our ocean and environment to the detriment of marine life and coastal communities. As the governing body for international shipping, it is the IMO’s responsibility to agree on rigorous and impactful mitigation measures.

WHO: Ocean Conservancy has long advocated for the shipping industry, countries, and IMO to tackle these issues. Our experts are active participants in these ongoing conversations and are able to provide knowledgeable background and context on what we can expect from the IMO this week:

  • Sarah Bobbe, Arctic Program Manager, is an expert on ship noise, heavy fuel oil and scrubbers.
  • Dan Hubbell, Shipping Emissions Campaign Manager, is an expert on international efforts to address the shipping industry’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Whit Sheard, Senior Director, Shipping Emissions, is an expert on the IMO and international environmental law.


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