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MEDIA STATEMENT: A Well-Deserved Wave of Ambition Set for Ocean Climate Solutions

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 14, 2023) – In response to the conclusion of COP28 and the adoption of its decisions, the following statement was issued by Kacky Andrews, Chief of Strategy at Ocean Conservancy:

“Ocean Conservancy is strongly encouraged by the recognition of the power of our ocean as an important tool in the response to the climate crisis, as seen by its robust inclusion in the first ever Global Stocktake at COP28.  This is a momentous shift in how the ocean is viewed in the climate nexus, and will help drive ambition in the development of the next round of the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) from all countries to protect the ocean and address the climate crisis. 

“The ocean presents a largely untapped source of climate solutions that could support significant emissions reductions necessary to keep the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement within reach and avoid the worst consequences of climate change. 

“Initially, none of the key messages emerging from the technical dialogues for the Global Stocktake explicitly mentioned the ocean and coastal zones. That’s why I am extremely proud of the work of Ocean Conservancy and our fellow environmental groups for their significant efforts to bring attention to the ocean’s pivotal role in addressing climate change.  The Friends of the Ocean and Climate group, supported by Ocean Conservancy as its acting secretariat, was especially influential in getting the ocean included in the Global Stocktake. The group, which doubled in size during COP28, conducted months of advocacy that helped advance the ocean language during negotiations.  

“Additionally, the agreement to transition away from fossil fuels is an encouraging move in the right direction to stabilize our climate. However, the agreement has flaws, notably that it was crafted with no mention of how to address plastic production, which is created from fossil fuels and contributes to GHG emissions.  And yet, the commitment to phase out fossil fuels is now unquestionable.  Together, this phase out, plus the tripling of renewable energy development, including biodiversity-positive offshore wind, can ensure a healthy future for us all.”

Kacky Andrews is available for interviews upon request.

Media Contact: Roya Fox; [email protected]+1 (202)280-6285


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