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Ocean Conservancy statement: Pruitt resignation

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WASHINGTON, D.C. July 5, 2018 –The following statement was issued by Janis Searles Jones, CEO of Ocean Conservancy, on the resignation of Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

“Scott Pruitt’s actions defied the mission of the EPA to protect human health and the environment – including the ocean. His resignation is a sign that the EPA can get back to its core mission – putting the needs of people and communities first, instead of catering to special interests and industry groups.

“In his confirmation hearing just 17 months ago, Scott Pruitt was disdainful about the services that the EPA provides. He was dismissive about proven threats to our ocean and coasts like ocean acidification. His tenure was characterized by scandals and he intentionally and methodically dismantled protections for our ocean, clean water and clean air – that’s why Ocean Conservancy joined the #BootPruitt campaign.

“Now that Pruitt has resigned, it calls into question all his activities, rules and policies implemented at the EPA under his tenure – we need a fresh start. The next administrator must prioritize the health and well-being of all Americans – from our children who need clean air and clean water to the coastal businesses that depend on the EPA to stay in business.”


Janis Searles Jones is available for interviews upon request.

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