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Statement: The Inflation Reduction Act Passing is a Win for A Secure and Livable Future

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The following statement was issued by Janis Searles Jones, CEO of Ocean Conservancy, in response to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act:  

“Ocean Conservancy is thrilled to see the Inflation Reduction Act pass both the U.S. Senate and House. This is the biggest investment in climate change solutions in U.S. history and it specifically includes many ocean-based climate solutions that are too often overlooked such as incentivizing offshore wind energy development and funding for coastal restoration. While it includes several provisions that do not align with our best hopes for a just environmental future, due to the inclusion of destructive fossil fuels, we’re excited to work with the Biden-Harris administration and Congress to implement the many beneficial parts of this bill because overall it will help the U.S. achieve our climate commitments and transition to a more secure and livable future for all.” 


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