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Statement on the Passage of a Continuing Resolution, Avoiding Government Shutdown

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Washington, D.C. – The following statement was issued by Reggie Paros, Director of Government Relations at Ocean Conservancy, on the passage of a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government through December 3, 2021:

“We applaud Congress for responding quickly to provide financial resources for communities that have been devastated by wildfires and hurricanes fueled by climate change. We are also glad to see that Congress was able to avert a government shutdown through the passage of a Continuing Resolution that keeps the government funded through December 3rd. However, repeated reliance on Continuing Resolutions to keep our government funded at current levels is not a viable long-term solution for governing.  

“Communities rely upon the research, data and grant funding provided by NOAA, especially when such historic funding increases are on the table for agencies like NOAA. Full year funding for government agencies is essential to addressing climate change and supporting the health of our ocean and the communities and wildlife that depend on it. We look forward to working with Congressional leaders in the House and Senate to ensure full year funding bills are enacted as soon as possible.” 


Reggie Paros is available for interviews upon request.

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