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For the Love of The Ocean

Alexis Baldera

Director, Gulf Restoration Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Deepwater Horizon oil disaster
  • Gulf of Mexico

Alexis has been a part of Ocean Conservancy’s Gulf Restoration Program since 2010. Trained in marine science and ecosystem restoration, she was drawn to the Gulf to help restore the ecosystem after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Originally coming aboard as a conservation biologist, Alexis has been a foundation of the Gulf program’s science-based advocacy work.

Growing up in Minnesota, Alexis developed a love and passion for outdoor adventures. She has always been drawn to the water; back then it was freshwater lakes, and now it is the salty Gulf coast. It was through her experiences studying marine biology along the Texas coast that she became interested in wetlands, restoration and how adding a dollar value to ecosystems can create a compelling argument for protection and conservation. This drove her to pursue a master’s degree in coastal environmental management and to better understand what it takes to find solutions to complicated environmental problems.


  • Masters of Environmental Management, Duke University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Texas at Austin

My Favorite Thing About the Ocean

The smell. I love walking up to the beach and smelling the peppery dune plants and the salty air.



“Every day people make decisions about how we are going to use the environment. I think it's important we have an ecosystem conservation voice in those conversations.”



  • Alexis Baldera