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Amy Trice

Amy Trice

Former Director, Ocean Planning
Washington, DC

We have a chance to make sure everyone has a stake, a say, a voice in the outcomes when integrated ocean management is done right. That collective approach is incredibly powerful. We make better management and policy decisions when we take the time to listen.

Areas of Expertise

  • United States federal ocean policy & governance
  • Integrated ocean management
  • Federal agency decision making and permitting processes
  • Ocean and coastal data policy
  • Freshwater systems and stormwater infrastructure

Amy Trice is the former Director of Ocean Planning at Ocean Conservancy. She is a scientist and a policy expert in the field of ocean governance and integrated ocean management, particularly in the United States.

Amy has successfully advocated for integrated ocean management policies through two different U.S. administrations by focusing on the importance of robust stakeholder consultation, transparent ocean data access, and securing federal appropriations. Her work has bolstered integrated ocean management efforts in the U.S., particularly in the development of regional ocean plans for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Her research and policy expertise informs congressional staff as well as state and federal agencies on the value of comprehensive and coordinated ocean policies for economic and ecosystem resilience.

Publications including Science Magazine, Bloomberg, National Geographic, NPR, Freshwater Biology, Eos have interviewed Amy or featured her work.


  • M.S., Ecology, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia
  • B.S., Biology, University of Georgia
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