Ocean Conservancy Annual Photo Contest


Thank you to everyone for participating in the 2021 Ocean Conservancy Photo Contest!

Earlier this summer, we asked you to submit your best photos featuring our most-favorite topic: our ocean and all its wonders. The beautiful (and sometimes heartbreaking) images you shared captured the incredible magic of our ocean. Learn more about our winners here, or view them below.

A special thank you to our whale-y amazing panel of judges, and all who participated in this year’s contest. Join us in summer 2022 for another chance to submit your photos!

Judges’ Choice Winner: “Bubble Lion” by Matthew Bagley

sea lion underwater with bubbles
2021 Photo Contest Judges Choice Winner "Bubble Lion" © Matt Bagley

Coastlines & Seascape Winner: “Celestial Penguin” by Kimball Chen

penguin stands on rock at night with stars
The 2021 Photo Contest Coastlines & Seascape Winner, "Celestial Penguin" © Kimball Chen

Up Close & Personal Winner: “Balloonfish” by Daryl Duda

balloonfish poking out of hole in rock
The 2021 Photo Contest Up Close & Personal Winner, "Balloonfish" © Daryl Duda

Marine Wildlife Winner: “Baby Seahorse” by Ängela Leonor

baby seahorse swimming
The 2021 Photo Contest Marine Wildlife Winner, "Baby Seahorse" © Ängela Leonor

Human Impact Winner: “Recreational Bycatch” by Nicholas DeNezzo

sea lion with fishing line
The 2021 Photo Contest Human Impact Winner, "Recreational Bycatch" © Nicholas Denuzzo

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