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e-NAV in Arctic Waters

Enhancing Safe and Environmentally Sound Maritime Operations

Coast Guard Cutter Healy supports Geotraces mission to the Arctic
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Ocean-going vessels have always needed information about their position and their surroundings in order to navigate safely. Over the years, mariners have used increasingly sophisticated tools do the job. The 20thcentury saw the widespread use of radio and radar, followed more recently by the advent of automatic identification systems (AIS), satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS) and electronic charting. These modern innovations have ushered in an age of e-navigation, or e-NAV for short.

E-NAV technologies can provide mariners with relevant, up-to-date navigational, safety and environmental information in real time. These new tools are especially valuable in remote Arctic waters, where challenging conditions often preclude the use of traditional aids to navigation and maritime management tools.

Ocean Conservancy teamed up with the Marine Exchange of Alaska to produce a short report to describe how advances in navigation and communications technologies can help enhance shipping safety and environmental protection in the U.S. Arctic.

Flip through the report or download below.

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