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Sustainable Fisheries

Fish & Us Podcast

Podcast spotlights climate and fisheries stories from the waterfront

Fish & US podcast logo, Graphic of white fish with rainbow lined scales with "Fish & Us: Climate Stories from the Waterfron" in text below, overlayed a fishing net over water image

Climate change is disrupting where fish are found, what they can eat, where they can live. The fishermen and fishing communities that depend on fish are seeing changes firsthand.

Fish & Us: Climate Stories from the Waterfront is a podcast series of recorded interviews and stories about the impacts of climate change on marine fisheries, as told by the people who spend their days catching, managing and researching fish from the ocean. Join us as host Alliyah Lusuegro, former RAY Fellow for Ocean Conservancy, learns more about their experiences on the water.

Alliyah Lusuegro headshot

Alliyah Lusuegro worked on fisheries policy and storytelling with Ocean Conservancy’s Fish Conservation Program. She hails from many homes, including the Philippines and Chicago, Illinois, but resides currently in Nacotchtank and Piscataway land, also known as Washington D.C. Alliyah is a relative, foodie, reader, writer, avid reality TV watcher, and frequent migrant between cities and coasts.

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