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Fighting for Trash Free Seas®

Ending the flow of trash at the source

Meet Clean Swell®

Our trash collection mobile app

Join a global movement to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean trash free. Head out to your favorite beach and use the app to easily record each item of trash you collect. Then share your effort with family and friends.

Protect Iconic Ocean Wildlife

Your donation to Ocean Conservancy supports our efforts to advocate for evidence-based policies that combat climate change, marine debris and more. For many of these animals, there is no time to waste.

About Clean Swell®

Join a global movement to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean trash free.

Clean Swell® makes it easy for anyone to make an impact for our ocean. When you head out to clean up in your neighborhood, beach, or park use Clean Swell to be a part of long-lasting solutions. With this app you can easily record each item of trash you collect, which helps scientists and advocates around the world tackle ocean trash at a global scale.

Join a global movement to keep beaches, waterways and our ocean trash free!

Clean Swell app

Become part of the community of International Coastal Cleanup® volunteers working for a cleaner ocean by picking up millions of pounds of trash each year. Simply open Clean Swell and “Start a New Cleanup” wherever you are around the world. The data you collect will instantaneously upload to Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database. Anytime, anywhere, you can use Clean Swell to see the impact you’ve had on our ocean and get involved in the fight for trash free seas. Clean Swell® makes it easy for you to become a champion for our ocean with ways to get involved in our Action Center and share your great impact with friends and family.

With Clean Swell you can:

  • Record every item of trash you collect and share with scientists and policymakers around the world.
  • Use the app in 12 different languages and counting!
  • Share your Cleanup results and impact with friends via social media.
  • Use the app without Cellular service or WIFI once you download it. Perfect if your cleanup is in a remote place
  • Become an ocean advocate with action alerts and helpful blogs in our Action Center.
  • See the total weight of the trash you collect, track the location of your cleanup (only if you have enabled GPS or Location on your device) and see your total distance cleaned.
  • See your overall cleanup progress and badges you’ve earned on your personal profile page.

Download Clean Swell® today in the App Store or Google PlayDownload a simple How-To-Use Clean Swell® poster here or see our handy tips below.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ. 

How to Use Clean Swell®

4 Simple Steps to Count & Clean

Download & Sign In

  • Download Clean Swell for free on any mobile device
  • Create an account with your email or existing social media account
  • You are ready to go!

Confirm the Basics

  • On the home page, click “Start a new cleanup”
  • Make sure the details such as date and number of people are correct
  • Add a group name. Check with your cleanup leader for details
  • Tap “Start Cleanup!” to begin recording trash items

Collect & Record

  • Tap the icons to record what you are finding
  • Press and hold on an icon to enter larger amounts or edit your totals
  • Snap photos of your cleanup using the camera icon
  • Click “Finish this Cleanup” when you are done

Celebrate & Share

  • Congratulations on a job well done!
  • Thank you for your hard work, now go ahead and brag about it on social media
  • Did you earn a badge? Excellent, the more you collect, the more you earn!
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