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Gulf of Mexico Gray Triggerfish

Gulf of Mexico Triggerfish

Gulf of Mexico Gray Triggerfish

Balistes capriscus

  • How Long I Live
    About 11-15 years
  • Where I Like to Hang Out
    I live in waters between 80-300 feet in depth and like hard bottom habitats like wrecks, reefs and rock outcroppings.
  • Where I Live
    Western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.
  • What I Eat
    Invertebrates like small mussels, crabs, barnacles and urchins.

About Me

My unique shape may seem odd, but it’s quite handy. When I’m threatened by a predator, I can squeeze into a small crevice and stick up my front dorsal spine to wedge myself into place. I can also change my color to blend into my surroundings to make myself harder to spot. Take that, predators!

I’m a favorite of both commercial and recreational fisheries, too. In the Gulf of Mexico, we are being fished faster than we can reproduce to keep up.

Did You Know?

I’m a known “bait stealer,” and often aggravate anglers who are trying to target snapper and grouper by snatching their bait. What can I say? A fish has got to eat.


I have a small mouth but my jaws are super strong. I use incisor-like specialized teeth to drill holes in the shells of prey—which is a good thing because I love to eat. I move my dorsal and anal fins in an undulating motion to hover above the sand looking for prey.

I also am proud of the unusual way I take care of my young. I lay between 50,000 and 100,000 eggs in a hollow nest that I scoop out in the sand. Then my mate and I will guard our nest from predators until the eggs hatch two to three days later!

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