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Brunswick Public Foundation

Brunswick Public Foundation has been our long-time partner in reducing marine pollution and environmental degradation by engaging the boating community in becoming advocates for ocean health.

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Brunswick supports Good Mate, our public outreach program that encourages boaters – while on the water and at the dock – to keep our ocean clean and healthy. Through our partnership with Brunswick, we are able to provide educational resources and clean-up materials to boaters and marinas across the U.S., as well as organize Marina Cleanup Days. The Foundation is also a Healthy Bays Partner for the International Coastal Cleanup. “The earth is 70% water. We help people make the most of it. The work of Ocean Conservancy is a natural extension of a primary purpose of the Brunswick Public Foundation, which is to support organizations that enhance our water resources for the recreational use by the public.” – Kevin Grodzki, vice president of communications and public affairs, Brunswick Corporation

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