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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the leading government authority on marine debris in the United States.

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NOAA has partnered with Ocean Conservancy since the inception of NOAA’s Marine Debris Program (MDP) in 2006. The NOAA MDP contributes their expertise towards scientific research initiatives and also funded “Talking Trash and Taking Action,” an educational resource and toolkit developed in partnership with Ocean Conservancy, which provides hands-on opportunities for citizens at all levels to help reduce ocean trash. NOAA is a Living Water Partner of the International Coastal Cleanup, with NOAA employees having participated in cleanup events all across the U.S., from the Gulf of Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. “Our ultimate goal is to prevent the impacts of marine debris, and the awareness the International Coastal Cleanup brings to this important issue across the country and around the world is invaluable.” – Nancy Wallace, Director, NOAA MDP

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