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Odobenus rosmarus

  • How Long I Live
    Up to 40 years (in the wild)
  • Where I Like to Hang Out
    I spend my time on Arctic ice and on remote beaches in the North Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific.
  • Where I Live
    You can find my extended family (aka subspecies) in the North Atlantic, circumpolar Arctic and North Pacific.
  • What I Eat
    Bottom dwelling organisms such as clams and mussels (yum!)

About Me

You might recognize me from my large, prominent tusks. Both male and female walruses have them. I use my tusks to move on the ice, for defense against predators like polar bears and orcas, and to fight off other males (we can be pretty territorial during the winter breeding season!).

I also use my tusks’ to help get around on the ice. They’re the best tool I have to survive in the Arctic—I use them to break up ice and to haul myself out of the water. I’m really dependent on that Arctic ice for breeding, hunting and survival.

Did You Know?

I’m very distinguished! My handsome, bristly whiskers—combined with my long teeth and blubbery hide, give me a unique and authoritative look!


I’m a pretty social animal—you can hear me bellowing loudly and snorting at all my friends and family. One thing you should know about me—I LOVE TO EAT. I use my long and sensitive whiskers to feel around on the seafloor for my favorite meals, like shellfish.

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