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Local Benefits of our Nation's Premiere Ocean and Coastal Agency

Confronting Climate Change

The ocean has absorbed more than 90% of the heat generated by humans burning fossil fuels and roughly one-third of our carbon dioxide emissions. This has put extreme stress on our ocean resulting in ocean acidification, sea-level rise, and stronger and more frequent hurricanes. To protect our ocean from climate change, it is vital we understand what is happening in our waters and find solutions—such as restoring coastal habitats—that can build resilience for communities and ecosystems. NOAA is a critical part of this.

NOAA increases our understanding of the climate, facilitates the transition to clean ocean energy and provides tools and resources to help leaders make informed decisions about climate risks and resilience.

  • NOAA tracks nine essential indicators of climate change on a global scale, providing detailed data on the changes over time. They are the preeminent source of information on rising global temperatures and increasing extreme weather events.
  • NOAA helps to deploy offshore wind by providing critical data and analysis on ocean conditions, coordinating with other federal agencies like the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to meet all the requirements for marine protection, conducting the environmental studies during permitting and continuously monitoring these sites once deployed.
  • Our ocean is absorbing more carbon dioxide than it can handle, leading to lower pH and greater acidity. NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program is studying this fundamental change in the chemistry of our waters, to better understand how it might impact marine life, people and communities.

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Alan Barton
Alan Barton Icon

Alan Barton

Production Manager, Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery

“NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program is helping us safeguard our future.”
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Amy Grondin
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Amy Grondin

Commercial Fisherman, F/V Arminta

“NOAA is helping provide answers to how ocean acidification is impacting the fish we catch and the environment that supports them.”
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