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The More You NOAA

Sustainable Fisheries

Fishing is is a major economic engine that is entwined in the fabric of our culture and history, It impacts nearly every American. Fishing puts seafood on menus and dinner tables nationwide, and provides people from across the country with jobs and recreational opportunities. Thanks to robust fish populations and healthy coastal and ocean ecosystems, in 2015, America’s commercial and recreational fisheries supported 1.62 million jobs and generated $208 billion in total sales.

Sustainable Fisheries

Check out these stories from people across the country about how NOAA supports sustainable fisheries:


Rip Cunningham

Recreational fisherman, Massachusetts

“Science-based information from NOAA is the foundation for important fish management decisions.”

Amy Grondin

Commercial Fisherman, F/V Arminta, Washington

“NOAA is helping provide answers to how ocean acidification is impacting the fish we catch and the environment that supports them.”

Rich Lincoln

Council member, Pacific Fishery Management Council, Washington

“The Council is facing new and growing challenges in the face of climate change—and NOAA is arming it with the tools it needs to better prepare for the future of changing ocean conditions.”

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