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The More You NOAA

Local Benefits of our Nation's Premiere Ocean and Coastal Agency

Do You NOAA the Importance of Our Ocean Agency?

Our ocean and coastlines are a vital part of America’s culture and economy, touching the lives of millions of people everyday. Taking care of our ocean, coastal and marine resources and weather and climate modeling systems at the federal level is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA’s work and services provide immense benefits to local communities and our country as a whole. Put simply, we could not function without it. But what does NOAA actually do? And how does it affect you?

  • Confronting Climate Change
  • Creating & Protecting Healthy Coastlines
  • Producing Vital Science & Data
  • Spurring Our Blue Economy
  • Sustaining Our Fisheries

We Need NOAA

For NOAA to continue to provide support to people and our planet, or even expand on it, it is crucial NOAA has the funds and the capacity to work for us. That means we need our federal policymakers to continue to provide strong funding for NOAA during the annual appropriations process.


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