The More You NOAA

Local Benefits of our Nation's Premiere Ocean and Coastal Agency

The More You NOAA

Science & Conservation

The ocean is an important driver of weather and climate and is integral to our food supply and economy, yet it is one of the least understood systems on earth.  Unbiased science is critical to better understand and effectively manage our ocean resources, guide national policy decisions, promote economic growth, and conserve the ocean as an irreplaceable treasure for future generations.

Science and Conservation

Check out these stories from people across the country about how NOAA supports science and conservation:


Kathy Burek

Veterinary pathologist, Alaska Veterinary Pathology Services, Alaska

“No vessels want to hit a whale. But avoiding whales takes the resources and expertise that NOAA provides through its personnel and through funding for research nationwide.”

Abby Stone & Becca Riley

Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida

“Research funded by NOAA continues to support marine mammal research nationwide.”

Kate Leavitt and Ashley Stokes

Director of Mission for programming and exhibits & Marine Mammal Rescue Program Manager, Seacoast Science Center , New Hampshire

“Without the resources provided by NOAA, the Seacoast Science Center would not be as well armed with the tools and information to encourage conservation and a further appreciation for New Hampshire’s vibrant coast.”

Alan Barton

Production Manager, Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery, Oregon

“NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program is helping us safeguard our future.”

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