How to Prepare for a Fin-tastic Shark Week

What you need to know before the best week of the year

Calling all enthusiasts of the deep blue sea: Shark Week approaches! Are you ready?

From July 28th to August 4th, sharks will be in the much-deserved spotlight. Whether you’re an aficionado or new to Shark Week (what, have you been living under an anemone?) this is the best week of the year, and it’s all in the prep.

Read on to learn how to get set for a fin-tastic Shark Week!

Learn the Shark Fundamentals

Sharks are Chondrichthyes, meaning they are fish with a cartilaginous skeleton. You’ll know you’re face-to-face with a shark by their fins (they are attached to their body, not the head), gills (there should be five to seven) and of course those distinctive teeth.

But, that’s where the similarities end. There is wide variety among shark species—some sharks can live up to 400 years, sense electromagnetic fields, or give birth to up to 30 pups at a time!

Curious to know more? Peruse our shark fact sheets for a learning frenzy about different shark species:

  • The whale shark is a filter feeder and the biggest fish in the world.
  • Blacktip reef sharks have skin made of tooth-like scales, called denticles, that help them swim efficiently.
  • Unlike other sharks, bull sharks venture out of salt water habitats and can handle brackish or even fresh water.
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Help Protect Sharks

Sharks are formidable predators, but they typically aren’t too picky when it comes to their diet. This means that sharks—such as the tiger shark—have been known to eat marine debris like discarded fishing nets, license plates or even a car tire!

A new bill introduced in the Senate aims to protect sharks—and all ocean animals—from marine debris and plastic pollution by introducing new measures, resources and infrastructure to prevent trash from entering our ocean. Take action today and tell your Senators to support sharks by supporting this legislation.

Want to play an even bigger part for sharks? Give to Ocean Conservancy today to protect the habitats where sharks thrive.

Dive Deep to Learn Even MORE About Sharks

Don’t feel prepared yet—or feel as if you want even more information about sharks? Never fear, more shark facts, stories and trivia abound. Sink your teeth into these jawsome blogs:

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Read them all? Written to your Senators? Learned a fact or two (or three)? You, my ocean friend, are ready for a fin-tastic Shark Week!

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