Upstream Action to Protect Our Ocean and Coasts

Raised in Milwaukee, a quaint city on the western shore of Lake Michigan, I’ve always had …

Effects of Marine Debris on Remote Islands

This blog was written by Kit Cunningham, a graduate student at University of Alaska Fairbanks and …

Announcing Ocean Conservancy’s First Ocean Justice Community Grants Awardees

Ocean Conservancy’s Ocean Justice team is proud to announce the first Ocean Justice Community Grants cohort. …

South Greenland at a Crossroads

South Greenland is a magical place. A hot spring sits on an open hillside above an …

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Meet the Beluga
All About the Arctic
What Exactly IS a Narwhal Tusk?

Narwhals are, arguably, one of the most enigmatic species of the Arctic Ocean—and rightfully so—they’re pretty …

10 Things to Know About the Walrus

This blog was written by Roger Di Silvestro, a field correspondent for Ocean Conservancy. When you …

Facts About Beluga Whales

There’s no doubt about it: I could never survive living in the Arctic. I am definitely …

Why Do Polar Bears Have White Fur?

When I think of polar bears and what makes them so unique, one of the most …

All About the Arctic
Protecting the Arctic
The Arctic is heating up fast. The largest threat to Arctic species is climate change, affecting both their habitat and the food they eat. As sea ice melts, more waterways are opening up for ship traffic, posing yet another threat to Arctic wildlife.
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