Mabuhay to the Stories We Tell

Mabuhay, in my native language of Tagalog, directly translates to “long live.” It is a saying …

Facts About Beluga Whales

There’s no doubt about it: I could never survive living in the Arctic. I am definitely …

Ocean Solutions for Clean Energy

We didn’t leave the Stone Age because we ran out of stones. To avoid the worst …

On Incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Ocean Conservation

After many weeks of rain here in the Pacific Northwest, we are officially deep into fall. …

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Meet the Manatee
All About Manatees
The Difference Between Manatees and Dugongs

Manatees and dugongs are affectionately dubbed “sea cows” because of their grass-eating tendencies and slow nature. …

9 Reasons You Can’t Help but Love Manatees

You may know West Indian manatees are one of the most adorable and graceful creatures in …

3 Threats Facing Manatees Today

There’s a reason why manatees are some of the most-loved animals in our ocean. Their gentle …

Manatees and Baseball: A Match Made in Heaven

When I was a kid growing up in Merritt Island, Florida, I absolutely loved baseball—but what’s …

All About Manatees
Sustainable Fisheries
Fish support our ecosystems, feed our bodies, drive our economy and support our cultures. Despite the importance of fish and fishing to people and economies, fisheries remain a challenge to manage sustainably around the world.
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